Tuesday, June 11, 2013

INDIE BOOK REVIEW: ‘Reginald Baxter the Vigilante Vampire’ is surprisingly entertaining

I wasn’t sure what to think when I decided to read ‘Reginald Baxter the Vigilante Vampire’ by J.E. Shook.

The cover was terrible.

The title was laughable.

The story . . . hey, the story was pretty good.

Yup, I’m just as surprised as you. I can’t believe I liked it either.

Essentially, Reginald Baxter is a reticent vampire that works at a nearby burger joint for minimum wage. Nope, I’m not making it up.

Reginald is meek and average – on just about every level imaginable. In fact, there’s nothing special about Reginald. If he wasn’t a vampire, he’d never do anything of accomplishment during his entire life.

So, it’s surprising to find that Reginald actually saves the day when he inadvertently gets involved in a holdup at the local check cashing place. Suddenly, Reginald is the city’s hero – only he doesn’t want to be identified.

Reginald’s “mother” is both encouraging and concerned. Reginald’s “daughter” is oblivious. Reginald’s “father” has always hated him – and he still hates him. Reginald’s co-worker – and the object of his desire – is bringing him chicken soup (which he can’t eat) and then telling some other guy on the phone that she loves him.

Yeah, even when he’s the hero it seems that Reginald can’t catch a break. And yet somehow Reginald finds self worth in his deeds.

That’s kind of what makes Reginald so lovable. 

Shook has constructed a fairly bland world and a fairly bland leading man that is so bland he actually becomes extraordinary. I know, it’s a pretty impressive feat.

Shook has a folksy way with the written word that draws the reader in while never overwhelming them. The prose is solid and there are only a handful of typos and grammar mistakes.

Basically, ‘Reginald Baxter and the Vigilante Vampire’ is one of those books that grabs you, entertains you and then lets you go.

It’s the perfect summer read.

‘Reginald Baxter and the Vigilante Vampire’ is available for $.99 on Kindle.


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